There may be an occasion that title insurance is not needed and only a search is requested. Below are the most common search only products requested. They are available for all property types including residential, commercial, agricultural and minerals. Please contact us for any of your searching needs.

Letter Search

The most common search product we offer is called a letter search or letter report. This is a search of the public records from the time the current owner purchased the property. It includes tax information, the legal description, the name of the owner on the deed, and any mortgages, judgments or liens filed on the property since the date the search began.

Search Package

This is a full search typically back 30 to 60 years or as long as requested. It includes the courthouse findings and copies of the documents of record. No summary report is typically included other than the searcher’s worksheet.

Document Retrieval

Sometimes no search is needed but a copy of a document is required. In these instances we can obtain and send to you copies or certified copies of the document requested. If the recording information is unknown, we can also perform a search to obtain the document requested.

Property Record Number Search

This search provides the Property Record Number and assessor’s card as well as a tax bill and other information requested for properties identified on a map or within a radius of a location on a map.

Judgment & Lien Search

This is simply a search to determine if certain names provided have any judgments or liens against them in the county searched. A report is provided itemizing all of the liens.

Mineral Searches

These searches typically involve researching the records back to sovereignty. Our expertise is in coal. Because of the difficulty and time involved in these projects, please contact one of our offices for details.


Only a few of our offices still assemble abstracts but we can still do them when requested. An abstract is similar to a search package and runs from sovereignty. Please contact one of our offices for details.